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  • You May Worring About

    If any of your products are unacceptable to your guests, your business could be harmed.


    Competition may result in pricing pressures, reduced profit margins or lost market share, or a failure to grow or maintain our market share, any of which could substantially harm your business and results of operations.


    Your reliance on suppliers to provide fabrics for and to produce your products could cause problems in our supply chain.


    Your sales and profitability may decline as a result of increasing product costs and decreasing selling prices.

  • Quality

    Samples are good, but mass production is too bad to sell out.

    Delivery time

    The always-delayed delivery time makes miss the best selling time.


    Bad communication cost you a lot of time and energy.






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  • Details of sewing & seaming for our sports gear

    for medium / maximum support gear


    Above video could be watched by the following Youtube link too



    for light support gear


    Above video could be watched by the following Youtube link too



    UGA was founded because of thinking many international customers are very difficult to get a good vendor.


    It is not only about good quality workout wear, but also with good communication and services.


    UGA company video could be watched by the following Youtube link too.






    With trained workers, imported sewing stitching machine and high-educated staff,



    UGA focuses on offering activewear in good quality for clients from over 22 countries.



    Above image is our clients' map. We major in EU and North America marketing (blue coordinates in the map are famous brands).



    And left image is our group photos with clients.











    Major in Offering

    Sports Gear

    for such as yoga, gym, studio, running,

    training and workout activities.








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    with a better fitted vendor of sports gears











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